Teen Drivers

We are all concerned about our teenagers, but all too often as emergency personnel we respond to every parent’s worst nightmare. Teen drivers believe it can’t happen to them, saying “I am careful Dad, don’t worry,” all things our own children have said to us. As parents we worry about drinking and driving, seat belts, speed and peer pressure. The teens today are more globally connected (distracted) with technology, smart phones, instant messaging than we ever thought possible; therefore we attempt to reach them through their own media. It is with caution that we provide the following “YouTube” links to have you and your teen driver watch together so that you can discuss their driving before we have to pick up the pieces and the RCMP knock at your door in the middle of the night. If they are old enough to drive (which statistically is the most dangerous thing they will ever do in their life) they need to know what can happen. Please, when you see what we see, this may be the most import time you spend with your teenager.

WARNING: These links are not intended for children under 16.

Seatbelts Keep You Here (Britain - PSA)

Why Everyone Needs To Wear a Seat Belt (Ireland - PSA)

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (USA - Teen)

The Faster You Go The Bigger The Mess (New Zealand - Teen)

You are in control of your car! (Compilation)

Video contains graphic content.